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Comments on educational technology in different countries.

Last Friday, we made presentations about educational technology in ourselves countries. Today, I read my classmates’ blogs about their countries’ educational technology. And now I want to write some comments.

The design of Marta’s blog is really beautiful. Her article is about educational technology in Romania. That is an unfamiliar country for me. From Marta’s blog, I am interested in three big stages of the development of educational technology in Romania. She indicates clearly, so I can read it easily. In these three stages, I feel that the government plays a definitive role in Romania’s education and technology aspects. The first two stages, the government started to acquire computers for schools and universities, and then they spread the application of different educational technologies in education, trained the teachers and researched more new ways to improve computers into the classroom and daily life. But the third stage is that Romania entered the EU in 2007, the budget for education and research was cut terribly. So it hinders the continuing development of education and technology. I know there are some reasons about economic crisis, but in my mind, if the country enters the EU, it is a good thing for its development, no matter in economic, education, and anything else. I do not know why it made a great affect for Romania’s education. Maybe the development of educational technology is due to finance. But in my opinion, there are other elements which also affect the educational technology in Romania. So this is my question that I want to ask Marta.

Then I talk about Antonella’s blog. She comes from Italy. That is a charming country for me. In Italy, because of the different finance’s condition, the educational situation is also different between the north part and south part, the educational technology is better in the north part than the south part. I agree with her points. To education, finance is the most important factor which helps it to expand and improve. The richer the city is, the better education’s growth is. For the rural area, they do not have more money to buy computers, to import advanced educational technology, and to train their teachers. Her other point is that the changing role of the teachers. The traditional educational methods cannot adapt to the new educational context’s change. To help teachers use technology in their teaching effectively, there is a project called “Multilab”, which use multimedia communication to present everyday learning, meanwhile, provide a platform for teachers to share, discuss their experience and ideas. I like this project. Most of teachers they do not use technology in their teaching, only because they have few knowledge and emotion about educational technology. So if they are interested in this kind of model, they will be likely to use it in their daily teaching. So this project is really useful, it is also a kind of educational technology.

At last, I make a comment on Ana’s blog. Her presentation on Friday is very successful. I enjoy it very much. There are some similarities between Brazil and China. Brazil and China are all big countries in the world. In those two countries, the primary education and secondary education are free. And the teachers’ application about educational technology is different, too. Some teachers are good at it, but some of them are poor at it. Many teachers have short of knowledge about educational technology and its practical application. Ana’s viewpoint is right. Teachers should prepare for the development of educational technology. When they have more skills about educational technology, they will get the benefits and surprise in their teaching experience. The interested aspect in Ana’s blog is the video about the wrong use of the technology in education. That is fascinating very much. The video describes vividly that if the technology is used in education in a fault way, it will lose its real value. The computers are only the machines which could not help students and teachers in their learning and studying. On the contrary, they also spend many spaces of the tables and maybe have some negative effects.

After reading their blogs, I find that not only their opinions attract me very well, but also their blogs’ designs are all great. I am going to design my blog again.


4 thoughts on “Comments on educational technology in different countries.

  1. I am glad you liked the presentation. I tried to give a general overview of the topic, as some people may not know the big differences whitin the Italian territory, not only about learning and educational technology, but also about other factors as culture. Anyway things are chaning, we are aiming to give same kind of possibilities in all the contry and embrace the new challanges.

    Your blog looks better now 🙂 I am happy to see the menu on the riglt as you wanted! You did a good job.

    • Thank you for your help. My blog looks better now. No matter Italy and China, they have long histories which are difficult for them to change more in education, viewpoint or anything else. Maybe with the development of the technology and young people grow up, the societies will have a new and good changes.

  2. Hei!, I liked your presentation and I would like to comment you that I admire your culture, history and the mentality in the Chinese people, in general is a topic very interesting for me.
    I have a questions for you, the first one; What do you consider is the greatest weakness in the education in China? And the second: What is the greatest strength in the education in China?, Thanks and best wishes.(Miguel).

    • Thank you for your comments. My answer to first question is that because of there are many many people in China, so the greatest weakness in the education is that it is difficult to make all of the children to have educational chances. My answer to second question is that Chinese are study hard, they can make more effort for their learning, that is the strength which other countries people do not have. Recent years, people pay more attention to education. I hope you will be satisfactory with my answers

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