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Reflection About Theory Course ( Part Ⅰ)

From 20th, September, we access to our theory course of ‘Learning Theory and Pedagogical Use of Technology’. In the first part of the course, we have lectures about self-regulated learning, collaborative learning and learning of expertise, read three articles and study circles about those fields, and also have exams about articles. Now I write some details of reflection about this learning process.

To the lectures: our teachers give us lectures which are helpful for me to understand self-regulated learning, collaborative learning and learning of expertise again. The lecture about self-regulated learning by teacher Jonna Malmberg makes me know more information about SRL. Before the lecture, I always consider SRL only means that the person study knowledge by himself/herself. Without doubt it is not right. Jonna used a chart (cycles of SRL) to explain the process, phrases, steps, elements, strategies, etc. of the SRL. The lecture is clear for me to have initial cognition of SRL. Then, Venla gave us the lecture of collaborative learning. From her lecture, I realize the difference between collaborative learning and cooperative learning; know about the main theoretical background for collaborative learning research (it is really hard for me to comprehend well), meanwhile, I come into contact with many new information of collaborative learning, for example, prerequisites, open question VS factual question, equality and symmetry, and so on, which assist me to extend the knowledge in this field. Our teacher Pirkko gave us two lectures about learning of expertise. One is ‘Expert—theoretical and empirical background’, the other one is ‘Affordances—action possibilities’. I do not have any recognition of experts, expertise, and affordance. So the lectures gave me some acquaintance about routine expert, adaptive expert, what kind of expertise is needed, the definition of affordance, three aspects to evaluate the affordance. Some messages are a little difficult for me to understand well now, therefore, I need to study deeply in the following learning process. Niina gave us the lecture is about teacher’s learning. She explained it from three portions: knowledge, collaboration, and technological pedagogical content knowledge. To be a teacher, except for learning pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge; we always need learn to work with other teachers collaboratively, and use technology in our knowledge learning and collaboration.

To the articles: after every lecture, we will read an article about relevant subject, and we have a study circles on Tuesday. Thanks Pinja gave us the question paper which is the indicator for our reading and preparation for group work. I like to read the first and last articles, for I can understand well. The first article is about self-regulated learning. The two charts and parallel explanation are clear for me to understand the theory knowledge and practical application of SRL, although the article is very long and more new words. The last article is about teachers’ learning. It is actually an experimental reports. Through one year 94 teachers reported six learning experiences using digital logs, the authors and their group members analyze learning activities, learning outcomes, their interaction, and their relationship with environment. Maybe the contents are familiar to my own experience, so it is easy for me to know the details. But the second article is really difficult for me. Some theoretical background about collaborative learning is hard to understand, and some information is very obscure. So I hope we will learn more knowledge about collaborative learning later.

We have study circles on Tuesday. I enjoy that kind of learning method; it is a collaborative learning, too. According to the article, we talk about the central message, our different ideas about the same topic, solve the difficulties in reading process, the teachers also give us many perspectives, which are useful for us to comprehend the article better. But sometime, our discussion is a little far away from the article and the main concepts, so we find time is easy to slip away. Every time we also make a mindmap, which is very interesting. That is another way to show our comprehension of the knowledge, and it is the achievement of our group work. We have the exams after study circles. To the articles I read and understand well, I can write some details and express my opinions; but to the article it is hard for me, I cannot have good result of the exam. I feel sorry to have low scores.

So to the first part of the theory course, it is a good way for me to have an intimate knowledge about self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and learning of expertise. Although there are some theories I cannot understand well, it is a beneficial for me to get into the next stage’s learning. And I also thank to the group work, which give me more chance to communicate, express, and solve problems I met; at the same time, I learn more from the group members.

The second part is international collaboration on-line. We discuss different subject with other students from Norway and Astoria. Actually, we have had the first meeting. But it is failure, because only three students from Finland participate the meeting. So we plan a new time with our tutor, I hope next meeting will be successful, we will finish our task favorably.


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