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Plan about Sole Phase 1-2 (SRL Course)

This week is autumn holiday. But I am always busy, for having a final examination of Survival Finnish on Wednesday. So I must spend most time on the exam. Now it is very nice that the exam is finished and thankfully it is not very difficult for me.

And now I should begin to read the articles about our lectures on last Friday. We have two lectures about self-regulation learning on that day, one is “what is SRL” from Sanna Järvelä; the other one is “motivational sources for SRL” from Dirk Bissbort. Through the lectures, we get some information and message about SRL and motivation; we know some details about task value, self-efficacy, and goal orientation and so on. Following the lectures, we need to read five related articles, each article we need to choose and define three important concepts, and write two idea notes for each topic, in the idea notes, we need to make connections with our prior knowledge and key concepts from the articles, and expand the perspectives to the topic.

On the basis of the two lectures, I want to get more information about students’ motivation and factors affecting motivation. So when I read the articles, I will pay attention to them and collect useful contents. During reading articles, I like to underline some parts I think they are significant and look up the dictionary for new words (my vocabulary is poor). I plan to write three concepts after reading one article, because I am afraid I will forget the important contents if I do not write immediately. I think I should spend two days on one article and concepts, if it is not very long and difficult to understand. And write idea notes according to the topic and articles.

The first article I am going to read is “Self-Regulation in the Classroom: A perspective on Assessment and Intervention” by Monique Boekaerts and Lyn Corno (2005), (Applied Psychology: An International Review, 2005, 54(2), pp199-231.)This article is very long; I hope it is not hard to understand. From tomorrow, I will go to library to read articles (it is quiet and encourage me to study, although it is a little cold there). I have been late to begin my reading, I except I will finish these homework on time and acquire more knowledge about SRL.


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