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Reflection about solo phase 1-2

I complete to read five articles on Saturday, and write over the last three concepts and one idea note on Sunday. I am also glad I finish my solo phase work as my planning, although it is not early for next phase. I still remember my current feeling when I begin to read the first article last Thursday. It is difficult for me to understand more contents and I am worried a lot. At that time, I do not have any idea about concepts and idea notes, though I am not confident for my assignments about concepts and idea notes now.

Experiencing the articles reading and assignments writing, I get more knowledge and information about self-regulated learning, and motivation and self-regulated learning. I know the self-regulated learning is a complicated process; every factor will play an important role in this system and they always interact with each other, so we do not ignore every one. From the articles, I study some strategies which regulate students’ motivation, some kinds of motivational goals, social cognition and context influence SRL, measurement and assessment about SRL, and so on.

During the reading procedure, I have met some difficulties yet. One is some items and paraphrases are hard for me to understand, for example, bottom-up self-regulation; those contents I need to learn more in the following learning. The other one is when I read the articles, I want to memorize more information, knowledge, and perspectives, but I cannot remember more. I really do not know how to solve this problem now.

The next phase is coming, I hope I will study more new and useful contents about SRL and understand them, meanwhile, try to put more knowledge into my brain which I can use in my learning process.


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