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Plan about Solo Phase 3 (SRL Course)

Today, I finished one test about Beginner’s Finnish. I feel good because the test is not very difficult and I have revised the contents during this weekend. So from now, I need to begin my learning about solo phase 2 in SRL course.

Last Thursday, we had the third lecture about SRL course. Jonna Malmberg gave us a lecture of “strategic and self-regulated learning”. In her presentation, she talked about why person need some strategies in their learning, the work process of our memory, and she also show us some strategies. I like the strategies about SMART Operation. The five acronyms stand for search and select, monitor, assemble, rehearse, and translate. Those five steps can be practical in our real learning procedure. Sometimes, I could not understand and remember some knowledge, I think the reason is that I do not use some strategies in my learning life, so it is hard for me to harvest more. Therefore, I plan to apply such strategies during my studying time and I expect to get some benefits from them.

We have two articles to read in this solo phase, and each article need to write three concepts, and two idea notes according to the articles and lecture. We still need to connect relative knowledge into our idea notes. The duties are the same to the first phase. The third lecture is about strategies in self-regulated learning, so some information and knowledge related to learning and teaching strategies are so important things that I should pay more attention. My plan is still writing concepts and one idea notes after completed one article in two or three days, for I could remember clearly and deeply. Through the first phase, we have understood our tasks in solo phase; but the biggest issue is how to finish the tasks better than last time and gain more knowledge as soon as possible from reading and writing. It is hope that in the second phase I could memorize more contents about SRL and apply them in following learning.


2 thoughts on “Plan about Solo Phase 3 (SRL Course)

  1. You planning of SOLO phase recalls mine as well, in fact this time I am going to focus much more on each single article and dedicate them more time than what I did for the part I and II.

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