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Reflection about Solo Phase 3

It is great that I complete articles reading, concepts and idea notes writing as I planned. In this solo phase, we have two articles and relative assignments to do. The articles are not very difficult and some information and knowledge I can understand well. Two idea notes are still written according to each article. In the reading process, I take notes about the main contents at the blank section of the paragraph, which is easy for me to memorize and comprehend certain messages, on account of the article is so long that it is difficult to remember more at one time. And I also choose and label out some concepts and idea notes I think I will write in the assignment during reading the article, for I am afraid of forgetting important contents after reading the whole article. In my opinion, it is still a kind of learning strategy.(^-^)

I also learn some knowledge from the articles. One deep impression is the task interpretation. It is practical and important for students’ self-regulated learning and assist students to be a good learner. In the article, it still lists some recommendations and methods for teachers how to promote students’ task interpretation effectively and self-regulated learning. No matter students and teachers, I consider that all of us should have habits of effective task interpretation.

Unavoidably, I still meet challenges in my task performance. There are some contents in the articles I cannot understand clearly. For example, “the idea of cost from expectancy–value theory”, it is hard for me to formulate the definition of cost in this sort of theory, so I think I need to search related information about expectancy-value theory, which could help me to handle that hot potato. Moreover, some experiments showed in articles are really difficult to read them at all. So I have to give up sometimes.

For the following solo phase, I need not only promote my learning and comprehension competences, but also memorize and apply the knowledge and information I learned from the articles and lectures effectively, as a result, to transform into my own knowledge storage.


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