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Plan about Solo Phase 4 (SRL Course)

This Thursday, we finished the second collaborative phase about SRL by group presentation, and had the last lecture by Ernesto Panadero. His lecture included two parts: one is the historical development phases of measuring SRL and the reasons for measuring SRL difficult. Another one is the knowledge about meta-analysis of SRL; he interpreted the meta-analysis according two articles which we are going to read: the first one is “Rubrics and Self-assessment Scripts Effects on Self-regulation, Learning and Self-efficacy in Secondary Education”, he is one of authors in this article; the second one is “How can Primary School Students Learn Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Most Effectively? A Meta-Analysis on Self-Regulation Training Programmes”.

So in our solo phase, we need to read those two articles, still write three concepts each article, and two idea notes according lectures and articles. The two articles are about analysis and assessment about strategies applying in self-regulated learning process, therefore, my concepts and idea notes will be related to strategies and self-regulation.

Because of final examination of SRL is on 13th December, we do not have more time for solo phase than before, and for me, I still have final examination of Beginner’s Finnish in this period, I must arrange my timetable reasonably and effectively. The first article is not very long, I plan to use one and an half day to read it and accomplish concepts and one idea note, two days for another article’s reading, concepts and one idea note’ writing, hence, I will finish the solo work before participating the discussion of collaborative phase on next Tuesday, meanwhile, I have spare time to prepare those two examinations.

During the learning experience of SRL, I still monitor my behavior and time after making the plan, I believe it is a good way for my learning and studying; I will insist on this habit and make myself gain more knowledge and contents in the process.


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