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Reflection about Solo Phase 4

My plan about solo phase 4 is to spend the whole three and a half days on articles reading, concepts and idea notes writing. But in fact, I spend four days to accomplish those works. The reason is that I met some challenges in the learning process.

One article is an experiment research about self-regulation with two types of self-assessment tools: rubrics and scripts. This article is not very long and not difficulty to understand. I finish related works as I planned. But another article is a little complicated. It is a meta-analysis about self-regulation training programmes for primary school students; hence it is still an experiment research. However, there are many technical terms, for example, moderating variables, casual attribution, effect size, moderate effect, and confidence intervals, which are hard for me to interpret so that I cannot understand the contents and analysis about the training programmes very well, I look up the dictionary and cost more time to translate and reread concerned information in order to try to be clearer than before. It is great that I see the meaning of those terms finally, although could not comprehend deeply. Therefore, I do not complete the works in two days as I planned. The plan for this solo phase is a little failure.

During studying these two articles, I still read and think about concepts and idea notes I am going to write. At the same time, I write down relative contents and summary in the margin of pages, which is useful for me to read and review for the following examination. In the second article, I get more detailed knowledge about instructed strategies of self-regulation, for the authors make a specific classification for the different strategies. It includes cognitive strategies, metacognitive strategies, and motivational strategies, and there are still some various areas in each type of strategies. This is my first time study strategies about self-regulation in this pattern, I think it is useful for my own works.

This is the last reflection of the solo phase about SRL. The following days I need to reread all the articles in the solo phases and try to memorize and understand more contents and information about self-regulated learning, for we have the final examination of SRL in this month. I hope I will get good result in the examination. ^-^

Actually, I am thankful for the learning of this period, it helps me come into contact and learn many information and contents about SRL, which make me not only gain knowledge, but also have more interesting in SRL, since I want to be a good learner, so I hope I will have chance to research SRL in the future.


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