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Blog Assignment Ⅱ–Goals in Spring Semester (EXPERT Course)

On 25th, January, we had the third mentoring case between mentors and mentees. In our group, we used Ipad to create own works with Imoive or Comics, two different softwares, according to the topic we chose, and finally it became a story. That is my first time to use those technologies so it is challengeable for me, but I still accomplish my work and publish it on the Facebook. Meanwhile, I could enjoy the pleasure that technology gives to me.  After each mentoring case, we need to complete a blog assignment, and this time the theme is about personal goals in the spring semester.

In the last autumn semester, we have studied relevant expertise about self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, information and communication technology, and so on. We have a clear viewpoint to our programme. In this spring semester, we have already begun a new course called Educational Project. In that course, students are divided into different groups and get different projects; our task is to complete the project according to the client’s claims. The next new course is Designing Technology-enhanced Learning which will begin this week, is still a course combine knowledge and application together. Hence the first goal for me in the spring semester is that I want to learn more theoretical knowledge and information about learning, education, and technology, at the same time, I can apply those expertise into the practical issues. To achieve this goal, I have four steps: firstly, task interpretation. I need understand the relevant requirement and final target of the task, which are important to implement the following specific works, such as planning, strategies seeking and anything else. Secondly, select and research related knowledge and resources for the task in order to obtain preparation in the theoretical level. Thirdly, pay attention to communicating and sharing ideas with group members which is helpful to execute our plan smoothly, and this is still a learning way for me. Lastly, making necessary changes in the specific implementary process, for example, strategies’ choice, plan’s modification and so on. Above steps will make me not only get theoretical and technical knowledge, but also instruct me how to apply the knowledge I learned to solve the practical problems.

The second goal is that I want to complete the research plan and select more information and data for the Master’ Thesis. Currently I only have the initiate ideas; they are still separated and not clear enough. I am ready to use SMART strategies to achieve this goal. In the first place, I search and select articles based on the scale of my theme; then, I monitor my time and behavior to read those materials and mark the main contents; and then, assemble and organize the useful and connected resources; after that, try to rehearse and arrange those resources on the basis of the structure of research plan the professor supplies to us; in the end, translate all the relevant information into my own words and mind, and fulfill the task of research plan. At the initial stage, my train of thought is so narrow and unclear that it is difficult to find valuable contents, but with the persistent of reading and searching, I think I will have the distinct structure and outline about the thesis, which makes me finish the research plan, and furthermore, helps me to select and collect available information and data in the following days.

My last goal is to improve my language skills about English and Finnish. My classmates and teachers have a high level of English, but my English is poor so that I cannot understand some contents in the lectures or in other occasions well. So I find several ways to improve my English level: first of all, I try to study and understand information as much as possible in the classroom, meanwhile, read articles and materials frequently and review in time after class which can assist me to comprehend the relevant knowledge deeply. Then, when I stay with some people, classmates or other friends, I should listen to their talking careful and speak with them as far as possible no matter how bad of my verbal expression. Lastly, I need do more exercises when I stay at apartment, such as, listening to some English materials before going to sleep, watching English TV series or movies during dinner time, etc. Having a high level of English is very significant for me, so I hope my English ability will be promoted quickly. Except for English, I should also study Finnish. As the Finnish course is the same time with my major course this semester, so I need to learn by myself. I make a schedule for Finnish: each Monday and Wednesday, I will study Finnish on the day time in library. Learn new contents, finish the exercises, recite words and sentences, label the problems I do not know and ask classmates next time, and participate Finnish Club sometimes, those activities will be beneficial for my Finnish learning.

The spring semester has begun nearly one month, and now I set my goals in this blog. I shall work hard in the following days and achieve all the goals as I planned.


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