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Today our EXPERT course is held in Oulu Vocational College. Juha and Janne make presentations of Oulu vocational college and vocational teacher education, and we still make some exercises according to those contents. After lunch, it is time for group mentoring. Our mentors, Ari, display the relative knowledge and information about photo diary, such as time dimension, photographical technology, and so on; and Jaana take on her photo diary in the blog. When she talks about different photos she took, I could really feel her mood and emotion at that moment: the sense of achievement after completing hard-working, excitement after being clear about knitting method, missing her father after cleaning his grave, etc. Through their experiences, I could understand the realistic meaning of photo diary and become interested in it.

For us, we certainly get tasks about photo diary. We need to write seven photo diaries on the blog from this day onwards, then comment our pals’ photo diaries, and have a virtual meeting together at last. These tasks are very amusing for me, since I will enjoy photography, meanwhile, writing diary is still a kind of release of sentiments and filtration of thoughts. But I have many matters to do recently, I am worried to forget take photo every day, so I decide to put camera in the conspicuous place which reminds me all the time. I think  it should be a good idea. ^_^

This is my first photo diary, it is at 21:30 pm on 22th 2013. Good night!

photo 1


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