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PhotoDiary Ⅱ

Today is Saturday; actually I planned to get up late since this week is very busy each day and I want to have a rest at the weekend, but I wake up earlier and be difficult to go on to sleep. So I stay on the bed and think about the matters I require complete at this weekend, and wait for the alarming clock rings.

The most importance thing is the research plan about Master’s Thesis. I have already completed many contents before the establishment of research project, and nowadays I have to change some parts according to our discussion and consultant with professors and teacher. However, it is good that I need not to change more substances.

Reading the different sections of research plan again, consulting articles I read before, deleting unsatisfied sentences, adding some new sentences, thinking and revising several words, and writing down unclear details on the notebook which should ask group members next week. It is not easy to accomplish relevant contents currently, and then I start to modify the format of research plan on the basis of APA 6 Manual, it is also a hard work because there are many requirements we should do, and some demand I am not sure to understand well, so I still need to seek help from my classmates.

The whole research plan has not completed yet, I have to fight for it continually.

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4 thoughts on “PhotoDiary Ⅱ

  1. Hi Liping, I can understand your stress about the Master’s Thesis! However, since I read your research plan I know that you have already read and written so much that you are on a good track 🙂

    • Thanks Paivi. I am still thankful for you that you are serious to read my research plan and give me some suggestions and advices, which are very helpful for me.:) Thank you so much.

  2. This is good description of students day and feelings. Your thoughts show that you can manage over the stress emotion and you have self regulation and strategy to go on towards the goal 🙂

    • Thanks Jaana. 🙂 The knowledge I learned in LET programme make me understand how to regulate learning process, solve some difficulties in studying effectively, and so on. I like to apply those methods and strategies in my own learning experience, and I hope I can be a self-regulated learner. 🙂

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