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Today is Lantern Festival in China. On this day, people often go to street to enjoy different kinds of lanterns, guess the lantern riddles, and take part in various activities. In addition, everyone must be eating glue pudding, the traditional food which is made from glutinous rice and add various fillings into the glutinous rice, such as peanuts, sesames, kernel, chocolate, fruits, and so on. The shape of glue pudding is round that symbolizes family unity, completeness, and happiness.

The Lantern Festival is a reunited festival, but for me, it is a day to miss my family deeper than usual. There is six hours’ time difference between China and Finland in winter. After video chatting with my family in the afternoon, I do not want to do anything no matter I have many tasks needed to accomplish, since I am drowning into the emotion of homesick. Therefore, I accept my family’s suggestion to watch Lantern Festival gala on line, they said they will also watch the gala as if we still stay together. After the gala, my family accompanies me with video chatting again until midnight in China.

This is the first Lantern Festival I spend in abroad. I am alone, but I am not lonely, because my family stays with me in different way although there are thousands of kilometers between us. Thanks to my family. I love you forever.^_^

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4 thoughts on “PhotoDiary Ⅲ

  1. I enjoyed reading all your comments and seeing the pictures. It seemed I was part of your week activities 🙂 but this picture was specially significant. I understand your feelings and I consider you a very brave person. You are always smiling and being nice to others even facing the distance from your loved ones and specially your husband. I am also happy for you because you are not going to be here alone for long.

    • I hope I am a real brave person. 🙂 In fact, I am a little sentimental sometimes. But I am very lucky that you are very nice and friendly to me, and give me many helps in learning and life. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Liping, I was about to say something similar that Ana has already said. You seem such a brave person and I love how positive you always are. Since I have also lived abroad far away from my family I can imagine how it feels for you. Luckily these days we have video chatting so it’s maybe a bit easier… You were right to let yourself a free day from studies, you are always so hardworking.

    • Yes, it is great that the technology develop so fast that we can have video chatting on the Internet no matter how far we are. My family also hope that I am a brave person, but it is really hard for me.:) However, I have all you, my good classmates. You understand my feeling and be kind to me. Thank you so much.

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