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Our project members have a meeting at 9 o’clock in the “Olohuone” cafeteria at university to discuss about the relevant contents in the first face-to-face meeting with client and course participants.  It is better that we have planned and revised details of the procedure about the meeting in advance. Hence, today we need to complete the presentation displayed on Wednesday, which is the main part in the meeting. Erkkie designs the PowerPoint in his laptop, and then talks about the structures and contents with Polina and I. Recently, we read some articles about the intercultural competence that is the theme of project, and have some initial ideas for this meeting. Therefore, the outline of the presentation is finished quickly. We go on to discuss and negotiate the contents of each part, assign different parts who is responsible for, decide the deadline of task (tonight), and arrange the video meeting tomorrow evening. It is great that the process carries out smoothly.

Except for those mentioned above, we also talk worries about the meeting, since the course participants are teachers in our university who have rich knowledge and experiences, but we are merely students, we are not sure the learning contents we designed are suitable and acceptable by teachers. However, the three of us still encourage each other and hope to have a good result as we expect.

How time flies. Lunch time is coming. Let us put away anxiety and feed the stomach firstly. ^_^

photo 4


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