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Today is a “hurry” day for me. I am in a hurry all the time. The first “hurry” is that I have a QUART course at 8:30 a.m., but there is no reason that my alarming clock does not work in the morning, so it makes me get up late, I have to do everything faster than usual, and then run to the university. However, it is such a heavy windy day that I cannot run quickly. It is true that I am in despair. But it is goodness that when I run into the university, there are still five minutes to 8:30, I am not late!

In the afternoon, Antonella picks me to business kitchen. We are in the different project group, and it is coincident that we have the same time meeting today. Then, the second “hurry” occurs. The meeting is longer than I predicted, and I have second meeting with another project members on line in the evening. I am in despair again. But I am grateful for Antonella that she takes me home, which helps me to save more time.

After having video chatting with my family to said that I have arrived at home safely, I check the time of on-line meeting is 7:30 p.m., it is a little earlier for me, thus I suggest to postpone half an hour, and they agree it. Now the third “hurry” starts. I have one hour to have dinner and take shower. It should not be eating noodle today, for they are very hot and spend me longer time. Thank goodness, I am sitting in front of laptop at 7:55.

Just now, we finish our meeting. I could begin to write this diary and then revise some contents about another project, the third one. I hope I can complete tasks early and go to sleep to ends this “hurry” day.

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2 thoughts on “PhotoDiary Ⅴ

  1. Thank you for this tragicomic story 🙂 I could picture you in my mind running from one place to another, against the wind etc. I felt like sharing your day with you 🙂 As you are a positive person you saw something good and positive with each “hurry” moment, there was a hurrah ending for each hurry 😉

    • Thanks a lot you could feel my “hurry”. The busy day is also an interesting day, and it is good that I handle the matters one by one. When I read this photodiary again, I am a little proud of myself.:)

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