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PhotoDiary Ⅵ

This afternoon, we have the first face-to-face meeting with the course participants who are the teachers in our university, and it is also one section in the whole project. Through yesterday evening’s on-line meeting, we were not only clear about the procedure of meeting, but also assigned task individually. So I make preparation in the computer lab this morning, then we meet together earlier in Aino-Maaria’s office. It is true that we are very nervous for that first meeting, but thanks to Aino-Maaria that she encourages us and stay with us during the meeting.

There are seven teachers register this course and they all participate today’s meeting. After self-introduction between teachers and us, we make a course introduction for them. It is great that teachers are interested in the contents related to this course, and they are still interested in the course designed by international students, for the name of the course is Intercultural Competence in Multicultural Classrooms, so our three members can take into account many actual situations for the course design that from our own experiences. In the discussion segment, teachers are likely to share their challenges and problems occurred in practical teaching, they express their expectations to get more pedagogical theories and methods which are helpful and useful in the daily working, and they still want us, as international students, to give them some information from our point of views.

I am really happy that the meeting is wonderful and our works are accepted by those teachers, meanwhile, we get many new ideas as well as  challenges which need us to improve and perfect the project in the following days. Now I remember a Chinese proverb which can convey my current feeling: A good beginning is half of success. ^_^

photo 6


2 thoughts on “PhotoDiary Ⅵ

  1. I really like this picture. These little dolls are so inspiring with colours, fabrics, figures and shapes. They make me smile. Your description of your day is motivational. I´m sure, you will enjoy this course of Intercultural Competence in Multicultural Classrooms 🙂

    • I also like those knitting dolls. They give me a kind of positive emotion. That course is the project of our group which is challengeable for us, but we do our best in order to realize the expected target, meanwhile, we will enjoy the process as you said.:)

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