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In our LET programme, we have a great activity that we will celebrate classmates’ birthday in company. Everyone provides two euros and we put money together to buy a card and gift for her or him, certainly we could write names and wishes with our own native language on the card in advance. The sponsor of the activity is Sasha, so we choose her to be the organizer :). If classmate’s birthday is coming, she will inform us in Facebook and we discuss about the date and gift, which is a really nice process for us.

Today is the last day in February. Tomorrow we will celebrate one classmate’s birthday in university, because her birthday is in March, and we have a winter holiday next week, so after consultation with each other, we decide tomorrow is the best choice, we will give her a surprise. The date is fixed; next step is what kind of gift is suitable. We talk about different gifts; lastly chocolate and flower are agreeable by all persons, and I will accompany Sasha to buy and take to university tomorrow.

I like this activity very much; since it makes me feel that we are not only classmates, but also are friends, good friends. Thanks Sasha to have such sweet idea and organize this activity for us all the time and I am looking forward to my birthday. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “PhotoDiary Ⅶ

    • I like to join the birthday celebration in our LET programme, because it makes me feel that we are a big family, we enjoy and share the happiness all together. 🙂

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