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Blog Assignment Ⅲ (EXPERT Course)

On 22th, February, our EXPERT course was held in Oulu Vocational College (OSAO). There are two mentors, Juha and Janne, work in Myllytulli Unit. After awakening exercise, Juha made a presentation about Oulu Vocational College that helps us to know more about it, he still introduced the Innomill, which is a big place for students to practice the knowledge and skills they learned. Then we made collaborative group to discuss how to make full use of Innomill to give students more opportunity to apply their technologies. Lastly, Janne displayed a video production he made and talked about the relations between teachers and experts; he also introduced the situation of vocational teachers’ education in this college.

At noon we have lunch in the canteen, the interesting thing is that the meals are cooked by students who learn cookery, and the taste is pretty good. 🙂

In the afternoon, it is time for group mentoring. The theme of our group is photo diary. The mentor, Ari, presented the relative knowledge and information about photo diary; Jaana took on her photo diary in the blog and shared feelings and stories about different photos with us. Obviously, our assignments are about photo diary and began from today.

Through the presentation of Ari and Jaana, I have deep understanding about photo diary. Firstly, photo diary is a way to record our life. No matter what interesting, happy, meaningful, exciting, successful, sorrowful, or sad it is, we can all come into sight with the photo diary and make us to recall our own memories, emotions, thoughts, expectation, and moods at that time. Secondly, photo diary is also a way to dialogue with oneself. Taking a photo, writing some sentences to present the thought and emotion, actually, this is the process that we speak with our hearts; in other words, it is a kind of interior monologue to show the viewpoints about specific matter. Lastly, photo diary is a way for us to reflect and rethink some details about one thing. When we experience one issue, it is inevitable that we are easily to have some opinions and notions at that time; sometimes they are negative and passive. But when we are ready to write them into the photo diary, our negative and passive opinions will fade away with the procedure of reflection, which assists us to re-recognize the essence of that issue, have positive or accurate notions, and get new idea.

Put the understanding concerning photo diary into the lens of LET studies, I consider photo diary is a mode of learning and self-regulation. For one thing, with the photo diary, we cannot only evaluate issues happened in the daily life, but also evaluate our own motivation and behaviors, which help us to get so many knowledge and information that dealing with similar situation accurately in the future. So we could say that the experience of photo diary will promote our ability of studying, self-efficacy, and self-regulation. For another, photo diary needs technology as well. Taking a photo with mobile phone or camera, we should know how to manage lights, what is time dimension, how to try out time dimension, and so on. We have got relevant knowledge and methods about photographic technology from our mentors, and now we ought to apply those methods in the practical manipulation. In fact, we took photos after Ari and Jaana’s presentation to realize some methods, such as time dimension, light management; it is not easy to master them at once, we should make more practice later.

Photo diary is a fresh and interesting event for me; I have made photo diary several days and enjoy it very well. I think I will fall into the habit of photo diary and employ it to record bits by bits of my daily life.



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