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Mentoring Process: The 1st Meeting

Traditionally, mentoring process is a personal developmental process which means a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or lesson knowledgeable person. It will be an ongoing process of learning, dialogue, and challenge. As the important portion of Expertise of Learning course in our LET, each of us would experience as mentees and mentors, and the process is carried out as groups. Last year, my classmates and I were mentees, and we got many beneficial theoretical knowledge, technological knowledge, and experiences from the mentors–EduTool students. With the increasing of expertise and experience, we become mentors this year and begin the voyage in mentoring process with the mentees.

There are four mentors and two mentees in my group and the plan of mentoring process has been completed before the first mentoring meeting, which involves goals, methods, activities, outcome, and so forth. When our mentors work on the plan, the goal of the mentoring process is the main challenge that spends longer time to discuss and argument, since we want to assist mentees to solve some problems existed in their learning process as well as have a harvest and meaningful experience in the mentoring process. Therefore, to illustrate the goals clearly and specifically, we decide to have main goal and subgoals respectively.

The main goal is ‘to foster students’ adaptation in the International Master’s Programme of Learning, Education and Technology and to provide students with an appropriate scaffolding on how to take maximum advantage from the programme even if it is not fully up to one’s expectations’. It can be explained and illustrated with the subgoals:

• foster students’ own individual style of learning and blend it into the program

• show students how the theoretical knowledge can be adopted into practice by means of providing practical examples

• activate students’ thinking by means of using problem-solving activities

• provide students’ with a deeper understanding of mentoring process

• enhance students’ motivation by means of providing a strong reasoning how the current knowledge can be adopted and used in future

It should be emphasized that the main goal and the subgoals are not only for mentees, but also for mentors ourselves. As mentors, the mentoring process is another kind of self-reflection. We can evaluate our expertise and skills in order to have a positive influence on the future learning of mentees. Meanwhile, it provides an opportunity to present and position ourselves as experts and to bring about a creative and professional dialogue with mentees under the open atmosphere. As mentees, the mentoring process is a good chance to obtain some expertise and skills from the mentors, and try to internalize them as their own expertise. At the same time, exchanging ideas and argumentation issues are also profitable for them to keep positive motivation and emotion in the learning process. In sum, the mentoring process is a collaborative learning process for both of mentors and mentees, because the main goal and subgoals will activate each of us to make the effort and enjoy the process as well.

During the mentoring process, some methods, such as presenting individual real experience, problem-solving, discussion, and so on, will be applied to stimulate mentees’ reflections and critical thinking so that it is able to achieve the main goal and subgoals. We expect the mentees are likely to show commitment, communicate actively, and value the tasks and activities so as to realize their expectation to the mentoring process.

Through the mentoring process, the mentees can remake an accurate and appropriate evaluation for the learning experience in our LET programme, keep a positive learning interests and motivation, transform theoretical knowledge into practice, and obtain more expertise and skills just as the same as the following present:


The first mentoring meeting is ‘Self-introduction and getting to know each other’s expertise. Talks on global and innovative education’. There were five groups members attended that day, and one mentee was absent for illness. The name of our group is ‘Happy Grumpies’, which means although there will be many challenges and difficulties in the process of learning, we enable to regulate our motivation, efforts, and behaviors to overcome and get benefits from the current learning environment in order to achieve goals and enjoy the whole procedure happily. The specific meeting contents are presented in the following Prezi:


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