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Mentoring Process: The 2nd Meeting

Our second mentoring meeting was held on 16 January, 2014. As planned before, the topic of this meeting is about ‘Project Work’. The goal is to train mentees how to participate in the projects and apply current knowledge and skills into practice. Through the meeting, we hope the mentees are able to learn more knowledge about the project area and apply the expertise and skills effectively in the process of their projects implementation.

As usual, our mentors engage in meetings in Skype earlier to discuss the specific contents and relevant issues in details. We share our own ideas, negotiate with each other, make some changes, and finalize the structure of the activity. Then we work individually to accomplish the related portions since each of us need to present the projects we implemented in LET programme. Finally we meet online one more time to display and identify all of the matters about the second meeting.

It is nice that all of the mentors and mentees join the meeting together. Because the topic is ‘Project work’, it is necessary for our mentors to know the mentees’ experiences of the project. Therefore, the first session is to ask mentees to present their working experiences in the project on the basis of the questions we prepared. One of the mentees has working experience in the project before learning in LET progamme. However, the other mentee has not experience about project. Hence, it should be indicated that this meeting is useful and helpful for both mentors and mentees to facilitate the knowledge and skills.

The next session is to present the project experiences in LET programme by mentors. There are two courses we participate as project, one is ‘technological enhanced learning’ (TEL), and another one is ‘educational project’. For the TEL, we do not only talk about the pedagogical knowledge and technological tools used in the project, but also the related problems and impressions. For the educational project, we present in details since this is a real project. It includes the topic and client of the project, how to execute in the process, how to overcome difficulties and challenges, what outcomes acquire, how to work in project plan and project report, and so forth. Besides sharing the engagement of the project, we also share our feelings and emotions in order to assist mentees have positive motivation in their projects.

After presenting our own project-working experience, we provide some helpful resources about project management which can scaffold mentees to work efficiently and complete the project in a high level. The last session is to conclude how to succeed in the project. According to the items summarized, mentors and mentees speak their opinions and ideas, discuss the various viewpoints, and achieve the enhancing of expertise and application of skills in the project-working experience.

Through the whole process of the meeting, there are some impressions in my mind. Firstly, it is a beneficial experience for me to engage in the finalization of activities with other mentors via Skype and Google Drive before the following mentoring meeting. We communicate and discuss the specific contents in terms of the plan made earlier, make some necessary changes, and add new ideas. Because we hope that mentees are able to obtain more useful knowledge and skills in each meeting.

Secondly, there are some differences from the planning when implementing the meeting in practical. For instance, time management. Our mentors have already confirmed the time of whole meeting (one and half hours) and maximum time about every part, nevertheless, it does not execute as planned and timeout a lot. I consider the mentors should be responsible for this problem and take into account in the planning and implementing the next meeting.

Last but not least, the mentees’ motivation and emotion need to be activated by mentors in the process of meeting. We should encourage them to be interested in the activities so as to think and perform actively. On the other side, the mentees ought to keep positive attitude toward the mentoring process itself and the meetings designed by mentors. As mentors, our expectation is to formulate meaningful activities to prompt mentees’ expertise and skills and promote their learning motivation, so that the main goal and subgoals will be fulfilled through the mentoring process. However, it cannot realize merely by mentors ourselves, the mentees also play an important role in the process of mentoring. Therefore, it is clear to say that the mentoring process is a reciprocal process; both mentors and mentees need to have significant effect on its implementation and outcomes.

The specific meeting contents are presented in the following Prezi:


2 thoughts on “Mentoring Process: The 2nd Meeting

  1. Thank you, Liping, for the positive reflection and suggesting bright ideas! They should be taken into account! I agree with you that mentors need to regulate their positive attitude and motivation first to inspire the mentees! I hope the next meeting is going to be a good chance to improve our mistakes and implement our new thoughts!

    • Thanks for your comment, Lyana. There are some issues we should considered seriously, so that our mentoring process will go through smoothly. 🙂 For the motivation and attitude, mentors and mentees can influence each other. As mentors, we should keep the motivation and attitude positively in order to help mentees improve theirs.

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