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Mentoring Process: The 3rd Meeting

The third mentoring meeting is held on 24th February, and the topic, as the same as the plan, is ‘Master’s thesis’. There are two reasons to select this topic: one is we, as mentors, are busy with the individual Master’s thesis currently and there are some experience can be shared with mentees. The other one is mentees have just completed their research plan in this month and they may meet some difficulties in the procedure which need to be solved. This meeting will not only help mentors to reflect the working process and find out some existed issues, but also assist mentees to think about their own thesis, eliminate confusions and questions, and get some useful ideas and suggestions about implementation of thesis.

As usual, our mentors plan the specific activities in advance. I created a presentation in Prezi and shared to each mentors before our meeting. Since one mentor is busy with taking care new baby and the other one is working, we only have one Skype meeting but keep connection on Facebook group. However, it is also efficient. We discuss the contents of the meeting, negotiate the specific details, assign individual tasks, and decide the deadline. Especially, we emphasize the matter of time and make a consensus that it must manage the time strictly during the meeting with mentees in order to inspire them to focus on attention and keep positive motivation.

There are four mentors and one mentee join the meeting, the other mentee forgets the time and makes an appointment with doctor. After introducing the agenda of the meeting, it is time for mentors to demonstrate the working procedure of Master’s thesis, which involves theoretical framework, research questions, data collection, data analysis, current condition, existed problems, and so on. During the presentation, we can ask the questions that are interested and want to know, and acquire presenters’ answers and illustration. This process is very meaningful for me, since I am not quite clear about other three mentors’ research. I merely know their theses are about game, but what kind of game, how they collect and analyze data, what result they expect, and other relevant issues; I have no ideas about them. Therefore, their presentations are conducive for me to understand clearly, such as what Kodu game and series game are, how they are applied in learning, and what benefits for students to play those games, etc..

Then the mentee talks about her research plan. It is about collaborative learning, and she has already got the data from the LET programme. Although she has completed the research plan, there are also some problems and issues she is not quite clear. Thus, she decides to broaden her minds through read more articles, and hopefully today’s mentoring meeting is still helpful for her.

Finally, it is the case studies, and the aim is to assist mentees and mentors to understand how to plan and carry out data collection and analysis on the basis of various research purposes. One mentor and I selected Master’s theses from library, picked out the authors’ interests and research aims as the case, and make mentees and mentors to plan what theories should be used and how to collect and analyze data in order to fulfill the research aim. Then we show the authors’ actions in the theses. After that, we compare and evaluate the ideas between ours and author’s, and make a discussion from our own viewpoints.

Through today’s meeting, I consider we achieve the implementation and goals we planned, manage the time effectively, and keep a positive and active atmosphere between mentors and mentee. For me, I do not only understand other mentors and mentee’s research field, and increase my interests in applying computer games in learning and teaching as well, which will be possible to become my new research area to explore in the future. 🙂

The specific meeting contents are presented in the following Prezi:


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