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Mentoring Process: Business Kitchen (The 4th Meeting)

The fourth mentoring meeting was held at Business Kitchen at 9 a.m. on 17th, March. All of the mentors and mentees in LET 1 and LET2, Aippi, and Pirkko joined the meeting together. The content of meeting involved three sections: Mia Kemppaala and Johanna Bluemink made presentation respectively, and visiting of premises.

Business Kitchen is not unfamiliar for me. Since the first Christmas party with classmates, Edutool students, and teachers was held in Business Kitchen, and I also participated a project in Demola last spring. Therefore, it is nice to have one more opportunity coming here and enjoy the presentation given by the people who are working in Business Kitchen.

Mia Kemppaala is a facilitator in Business Kitchen, and she has been an Edutool student in our programme. There were three segments in her presentation. Firstly, she offered a brief introduction about Business Kitchen. And she talked in detail about Demola, OuluSES, and Game Club, which are the branch organizations in Business Kitchen. Then she displayed her learning experience in Edutool. It is clear that she obtains a lot of expertise and technology which have significant effect on her career. Finally, Mia showed us her interesting and meaningful working experience in Business Kitchen. Through her presentation, we know that she has not any knowledge and experience about business before working in Business Kitchen. But the expertise of collaborative learning and technological tools she has learned in Edutool programme are made the most of in her working process. She can collaborate with the colleagues to get innovative and new ideas, apply technology effectively, and get the achievement. I can feel that she is enjoying her job deeply and has transferred the theoretical and technical knowledge into practical working experience successfully.

After visiting the premises of Business Kitchen, it is Johanna Bluemink’s time, who is the manager of Business Kitchen. Her presentation was executed in a different way, which various quotations were used to show her learning, working, and thinking processes. She has rich learning experience, such as chemistry, English teaching, education, etc. and has already gotten PhD degree and work as a researcher in the University of Oulu before working in Business Kitchen. She is still no knowledge and experience about business, but effectively applying the expertise what she has owned into the practical working and get benefits. And now she is learning MBA and has acquired more expertise in business fields. Through her presentation, I can see a professional female, who has children to take care and career to engage in, but she is able to keep learning all the time, and has critical and creative thinking in the career.

By means of Mia and Johanna’s learning and working experiences, I have a re-understanding about the expertise I have learned in LET programme. In my previous viewpoint, I consider I can merely work in the educational fields, such as school, university, or educational research institution. The number of jobs available is limited. However, Mia and Johanna’s experiences make me change the inaccurate viewpoint. Actually, the expertise of self-regulated learning and collaborative learning, and some technological tools can be effectively applied in many fields and assist me to adapt to new area. Meanwhile, learning different kinds of knowledge and skills in the working process are also helpful and meaningful to my career development.


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