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Mentoring Process: The 5th Meeting

The fifth mentoring meeting was held on 29th April, 2014. Because it was hard for us to have face-to-face meeting, we decided to implement it online. There were three mentors and one mentee joined this meeting, and we met on Adobe Connect context. The topic was ‘technological tools’, as the same as our plan.

Before starting the meeting, we had a chatting together. The mentee talked about her projects in LET programme and Business Kitchen. She was very happy to apply the theoretical knowledge into the practical projects. For me, I had the same viewpoints with her. The experience of combining theories with practice is meaningful and significant for us, which is conducive to internalize the academic knowledge, and improve the problem-solving skills as well.

Since the topic was ‘technological tools’, therefore, one mentor who was responsible for this meeting introduced and presented different tools, which were new for others.

One True Media. It is a free media editing tool, which is similar to Wevideo and Vemeo. It can be used for adding mix effects, transition, and text and music sharing. The style of product is chose by the users, and the product is able to download or post to the public contexts, such as Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

Room21online. It is similar to Moodle and Edmodo. It is a free online social learning environment, and all of the users can engage in the learning process under this learning community.

voki. There are three sections in voki home—Voki, Voki Classroom, and Voki Presenter. Voki is a service that the users can create their own speaking characters in this environment; it also can be used as an educational tool. Voki Classroom is classroom management system, which is similar to Moodle and Edmodo. Under Voki Classroom, the teacher can (1) add and manage students, (2) add and manage classes and lessons, (3) review students’ Voki assignments, (4) create each lesson on its own Web page, showcase students’ work, and set the lesson, (5) get support from dedicated support team. Voki Presenter is like Prezi, where the users create presentation and share with others; it still can be used as an educational tool. However, only Voki is free for the users, the Voki Classroom and Voki Presenter need to pay.

All of the technological tools mentioned above are very interesting and useful for us, no matter if we are students now or teachers in the future. We can apply various technological tools in the learning setting, working setting, and even daily life, which are helpful for us to become an expert in learning, education, working, and life.

Because this was our final mentoring meeting between mentors and mentees, we also presented our own opinions and ideas about mentoring process at the end of meeting. For me, I did not only learn much theoretical and technological knowledge from mentors and mentees, but also enjoy and obtain many experiences and skills in the mentoring process, such as how to plan, organize, and execute activities; how to stimulate people to get positive emotion and motivation, how to coordinate various issues, how to achieve the targets as planned, and so forth. For the mentees, they will become mentors in the next academic year, I consider they can also learn much through our mentoring process which will be helpful for them to become competent and excellent mentors. 🙂


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