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Me As A Mentor

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the mentoring process is a personal developmental process which refers to a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or lesson knowledgeable person. It will be an ongoing process of learning, dialogue, and challenge. In the LET programme, every student has opportunity to experience as a mentee and a mentor, and the mentoring process is carried out as groups.

There is a group called ‘Happy Grumpies’ which has four mentors and two mentees. As one of mentor cats, I am able to keep coordinating with mentors and mentees during the process of mentoring, make efforts to organize and execute meetings as planned, and provide my contributions to achieve the original goals.

In the planning process, I am active to discuss and deliberate with other mentors collaboratively about mentoring meetings, which involves goals, methods, contents, activities, outcomes, and so on. I would like to share my own ideas, present different viewpoints, accept others’ suggestions, and work under self-regulation. In addition, keeping a positive motivation and emotion is the main point throughout the procedure.

Before each meeting with mentees, mentors and I engage in online meetings earlier to discuss the specific contents and relevant issues in detail on the basis of plan. I express my thoughts energetically, negotiate with other mentors, make necessary changes, and work individually to fulfill the assigned portion. In the implementation process, I do not merely provide theoretical and technological knowledge I have obtained in LET programme, share the experience and reflection in learning and practice; but also encourage mentees to take part in discussion and presenting their own points of view, stimulate their interests in the activities, activate positive emotion and attitude to think and perform, so that it is conducive for them to facilitate expertise and skills and promote learning motivation through the mentoring process.

After each mentoring meeting, I would like to reflect the whole process and find out the important and meaningful issues, such as what are the good points, what is the challenge, what should be paid more attention, what need to be improved in the following meetings, and so forth. Through the reflection, I can take into account mentoring process from all sides and then combine plan and implementation in an effective and practical way.

The mentoring process is significant and beneficial for me. As a mentor, I make behavioral, emotional, and cognitive contribution in the procedure, which is to fulfill the main goals and subgoals as planned. In addition, this process also directs me to assess and self-reflect my expertise and skills one more time and in a deeper level in order to have a positive influence upon my future development.


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